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CERAKOTE® Testimonials

Good Afternoon All,

I wanted to reach out first to thank Austin for a great training session with Caleb and Pete. Secondly for the conversations, helpful ideas and just overall being a very professional stand up guy!

Most of the time I am leary with training as usually we know nothing and the manufacturer knows it all and it's their way or the highway. This training experience was easy, fluid, full of knowledge and simply put with NO BS! They guys are happy, thankful, rejuvenated and excited about what they do with the endless possibilities.

On behalf of Tactile Turn and Tactile Knife Companies. I would like to thank all of you, NIC Industries and the entire Cerakote team for this exciting experience.

Thanks again!

Best Regards,

Shane White
Tactile Turn/Tactile Knife Co. Operations Manager

All available colors are available standard, and they're all going to be Cerakote…which is a big deal. Cerakote is not only tougher than paint, it's also better for the environment and has a lower VOC than standard paint. And it's lighter than traditional paint, letting you go full color without adding grams. Claimed frame weight without paint is ~900g, and Cerakote won't add much to that.

Bridge Bike Works

We got in this morning, the guys went to fill the first pot and I realized we only had 2 quarts left. Small panic and then I checked your email and the UPS Shipment, out for delivery today. You guys are honestly invaluable and incredible in every way.

Shawn Bradshaw
President - Red Tower Armoury

Good Afternoon Sir,

I just wanted to reach out and let you all know, that Zach was a phenomenal instructor. He was professional, attentive, and every single student here learned a lot from him. Zach's attention to detail and thoroughness made sure we all learned Cerakote's processes and answered all of our questions. The information he passed on and the skill set he showed us to use will take our shop and capabilities to the next level. It was a great class and we look forward to scheduling something in the future.


SSgt Palumbo, P.C.
National Match SNCOIC
Precision Weapons Section
TBN, MCB Quantico

We can not express enough how vital and important the Factory Certification Course has been to the success of our company. We, like most, came in to the class with some experience.

Within the first 15 minutes we had learned a few techniques that would have literally saved us weeks of time over the last year. The cost to benefit of the class was payed for and we hadn't even had a break yet! As we continued through training we were amazed at how much we didn't know that we didn't know. We left the class with not only an understanding of how to coat and be more efficient but also a greater understanding of the coating itself and how it performs.

The facility is world class, the equipment is phenomenal but most importantly the people in this organization that you meet are incredible and they are all genuinely interested in helping your business succeed.

Whether you are just starting out or been at it for a while I truly believe this class is the single best investment you can make for your business.

AccuTac Arms

We just finished up our Certified Applicator training and cannot say enough positive things about Cerakote. Everything was world class, from the facility to the training itself. Most importantly, the people at Cerakote worked above and beyond daily to ensure we gained as much experience and knowledge as possible during our visit. These folks are true professionals and genuinely care about the success of our company. Our experience was priceless and will ensure we are able to offer our customers additional value and increased quality in our custom rifles. What others may consider an upgrade just became the standard on our production models thanks to Cerakote. Cheers mates!

Joey Dalessio
Delphi Tactical

We began using Cerakote approximately two years ago. In the past, we have used epoxy coating to protect our steel and ductile iron parts. Most of the failure occurred in the threads which could not be coated. By using Cerakote, which allows us to coat the threads, we have increased the life span of our connections. What was being changed every two to four months is now lasting over eighteen months. We are in the process of changing epoxy coated threaded fittings to Cerakote, as the steel fittings wear out and are replaced.

Chris Vestal
Layline Energy

What an amazing and classy outfit Cerakote is. I can definitely see why they are so successful. Top notch product and top notch people. They came to PA Gunsmith School fully committed to show the students the science behind the product and the technique behind the application. We all have so much more appreciation for the work that Certified Applicators do. Thank you all for the time and effort spent to pull off an operation like this!

Director of Instruction
PA Gunsmith School

We just completed Cerakote Certification. It was a great experience and we learned a lot! I think that the Factory Certification Course will be a huge help to the success of our company. We gained some experience and learned so much during the course. I think this course was a great investment for our business. The staff and facility are amazing and the staff are all genuinely interested in helping our business succeed. We are planing on going back for the Advanced Course within the next year! Meeting with the marketing team was great and Ryan Montez (he was our instructor) did a wonderful job. We look forwarded to coming back in the future!

Matthew Lawrence
Cold Front Firearms

I just wanted to say thank you for having me out again for the advanced training program. I had a blast learning some new techniques and ways to manipulate the coating. I especially want to give credit to my trainer, Daniel Clogston. He is very good at passing on his knowledge and generating confidence in others. One can see his enthusiasm and support for the product and faith in the company. Daniel is always finding shortcuts in the way we coat in our respective shops, and gives helpful advice on how to streamline the process; making us more successful and in order to make NIC more successful. I can't speak highly enough of your staff, facilities, and product. I can't wait to get back and pass on what I've learned.

Daniel Rowell
Royal Range USA

First, I would like to say thank you guys so much for everything we learned at the training. It was a great experience for us and we are excited to go to the next level with this business. Thank you for all your insight and letting us know how to get better at reaching more customers. Really excited to put everything we learned there into practice. You guys have a great group of people at your company and everyone was super helpful and really went the extra mile to help us learn all we could, and I can't thank you and them enough.

JC Customs


Our vault was exposed to the high enough temperatures to turn a Zodiac into a Frisbee and melt the engine in our Polaris 4 wheeler. When the great folks at the fire department hit it with water it was rapidly cooled and water, steam and corrosive smoke ran into the ventilation ports and got into all our weapons.

Every single one of them with the exception of one was covered in a light patina of rust when we opened the vault only a day later.

Now- we have the opportunity to have just about whatever kind of gear we want. Manufacturers are tossing things our way for testing and evaluating left and right- I have been offered by a local craftsman Jeff Forbush to have any of our guns Cerakoted. I declined as I have always just used Krylon and don't really care about what the guns look like.

Until I pulled the rusted guns out of the vault. The only one that looked perfect and functioned perfect was a gun Jeff had just Cerrakoted for a Doctor friend of ours who is a regular shooter at the range. It looked like it did before the fire. The rest of the guns were so *** up several wouldn't even function test until we had soaked them in a drum of diesel fuel.

Right now every gun we have is getting Cerakoted and I'll do this one on every gun we buy in the future. It isn't just a looks issue - it is a reliability and durability issue.

We are pretty slow to highly recommend any piece of gear and if we do it is because it sticks out as exceptional in excessive circumstances. I would encourage all of you to get your guns Cerakoted.

Asymmetric Solutions

Thanks again for everything. All the guys and gals at NIC have shown us tremendous support by ensuring your commitment towards certified applicators, and aiding in guiding us towards a successful future with Cerakote.

We are very excited to see what the future can bring with your products.

Jeff Abshire

Would like to say thank you to the NIC/ Cerakote Family for having me for the past couple days. It was a pleasure meeting everybody and learning more.

Anybody who is on the fence about doing the class and becoming a Certified Applicator, i would recommend it. It is worth the investment to learn the techniques and tricks to make application easier. The knowledge they give you is worth it. Never once tried to push product and force me to purchase anything, like some classes i have been to in the past. Once again thank you to the NIC family.

Keebler Rockwell

The bottom line is that Cerakote will adhere to just about every metal you can come across in the firearms world. The myth of not adhering to as well to stainless steel or Ti was put to rest. Also the ability to color match optics and parts that are not meant for the oven is invaluable. My Glock has never looked better then the two tone Cerakote job I did on it at the Cerakote training course.

If you are serious about getting into the application of this product, I highly recommend taking their training course. If you were up in the air about which coating to use on your firearms, in my opinion Cerakote is the best stuff out there. And now that I'm a certified applicator, I will be putting my new found skills to good use.

Vinnie Palucci

I have tried other products and after using yours I refuse to allow the other guys in my shop. If any of my customers want some other finish on there guns they have to go somewhere else. I take pride in my work and the products that I use. Therefore there is not another product on the market that that I will use unless you come up with something better. If so you will have my full support. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to working with you and your company for a long time.

Fred DeHart
Co-Owner of Moose Creek Custom Arms LLC

Prodigy Performance Coatings are the proud applicators of ceramic coatings for Orange County Choppers. The guy's at OCC are much happier with the Cerakote Product vs the competitors. Thanks Brandon Grady and all the men and women at NIC Industries.

Prodigy Performance Coatings

I would have no reservations of recommending NIC courses to any company. I look forward to any future courses we need assistance with.

Victor Howarth
J.A.C. Jordan - Jordanian Airforce

We have found NIC Industries clear coats to be an easy-to-use clear coat over the LuminOre product line. One of its best features is the ability to seal in the LuminOre without the detection of a clear coat being present on the surface of LuminOre. Many clear coats that we have tried, have a very thick film, which gives the appearance of a plastic look over the metal. NIC clear coats have the ability to eliminate this.

Thomas J Valente
President - LuminOre, Inc.

I have used Cerakote on several occasions and I find it to be an excellent product. Until recently I didn't have an oven to cook paint so I've used Duracoat extensively. There are a few things I don't like about Duracoat, mostly that they treated me like sh!t at the SHOT Show last year. You guys were very polite. I'd like information on dealer pricing as the Cerakote I've used before was air dry and purchased from Brownells, therefore it was cost prohibitive.

I really appreciate the email, it's more attention than I've ever gotten from Lauer even though I've spent thousands of dollars with them.

Larry McElroy
Bubba's Hunt Shop

First, I'd like to address your response to my "military discount" question. The gratitude I felt in your response surpasses the value of ANY military discount I've EVER received.

I so greatly appreciate and align with your organization's perspective around the foundational efforts of our nation's first responders/uniformed service members.

My service was my absolute pleasure due to private sector companies with views such as yours. I would like to return that thank you, tenfold. Keep being great!

Jordan E.

HD Rifles has used many coatings on the market, and out of all of those tried we have found that the ceramic coatings from NIC Cerakote and others to have proven by far the most superior on the market. WE in our shop have the ability to scrutinize every product tested in our shop with over 490 years of Special Operations Law Enforcement and Military experience. In short we are not easily impressed. However, NIC's coatings and commitment to putting out a superior product have led us to the conclusion that in a world with environments so hostile that you only get one shot. We as a whole feel that to offer anything less than the NIC coatings on all of our metal surfaces would be doing all of our customers who place their lives on the line everyday a great injustice.

Audie Murphy Hill
General Manager - HD Rifles Inc

I want to thank Brandon Grady for introducing me to your Ceramic coatings of all kinds. With his help I have learned a great deal not only about your product but also how to apply it. This last Custom Commander I did for The Cheytac Company came out beautiful using NIC Cerakote Titanium finish on the frame. The pistol was displayed at the last Shot Show for many people to admire and all inquiries were handled by Anthony Taylor, who is the Vice President of Operations for Cheytac. I have been air brushing all types of finishes on frames and barrels for many years and even though I am now semi retired I am still the most experienced trigger man in North America, as that is all I do. These products made by NIC Industries are truly second to none and with people like Brandon Grady always there to help you there is no reason to use any other product. I can not speak highly enough about my experience with Brandon and NIC Industries.

Teddy Jacobson
Actions by "T"

Admittedly, I was hesitant and even a little skeptical to sign up for training. However, after attending the class, this training has proven to be the best investment I have made for my entire Cerakote operation to-date. I will be back for more - guaranteed.

Michael Priest

Before attending the certified applicator training at NIC industries, I was like most applicators. I watched YouTube videos, spent a few thousand dollars on equipment and began spraying Cerakote. It was only when I arrived at NIC's state of the art facility and fell under the guidance of their expert trainers that I realized how short my work had fallen from what customers should expect of this superior coating. I quickly found myself immersed in an awe inspiring regimen of both application techniques and critical information. Of which I had no clue could be so detailed and diverse between the different series of coatings. The luncheon with NIC's leadership was humbling and rewarding. I felt indoctrinated into a partnership with people who instantly made me feel like I'd known them for years. The effort this company makes to monitor the market is incredible and led me to commit fully to working hand in hand with NIC industries. I want to give a special thanks to Mike for extending his helping hand. I was a special case due to the fact that my business was wiped out by hurricane Florence. Mike opened the door to my business making a comeback that is better than I had imagined. To the trainers who I worked with: Ryan was my primary trainer and his professional conduct and comprehensive periods of instruction exceeded what is required of a professional. Jacob took me down the rabbit hole of what Cerakote really is and educated me extensively on the types of coatings. Daniel knows all sorts of tips and tricks that make a custom coating step up to another level. Thank you all so much and I feel blessed to hold the title of Certified Applicator.

Nate Theocles
Theocles Custom Coating LLC

At first I thought "This is expensive". After I got to training and realized all that is involved and the one-on-one instruction along with meeting the head marketing staff, it was worth every penny. The Staff is first class and they treat you like a VIP. I learned so much in a short time and was able to work on some awesome projects. Even the support you get with software and discounts after the class makes it all worth it. I can't wait to take the Advanced Training Class. Thank you Cerakote!

Noel Hutton
Sea Strong Customs

I just wanted to express what a great experience it was for Jan and I to attend the training certification class. From your whole Marketing Team to our personal trainer Ryan Montez, I would like to extend a gigantic thank you. Cerakote/NIC is a First Class Company with first class employees. Every person I crossed with there, said hi and had a friendly smile. I have always felt that when you can make a customer feel comfortable and welcome, it's the very first step that leads to a lasting business relationship/friendship...that is exactly how we felt the entire time there. The training for Jan was great. She expressed how patient Ryan was and how she felt confident with all the aspects of coating now. The marketing team meeting was filled with the information that I feel is needed to propel FCR to where it should and can be. This follow up email with the discounts, equipment lists, vector files and etc. is literally priceless if utilized correctly. I don't even have to mention your products because they speak and perform for themselves. I could go on and on..... but we simply were blown away by all of you.....Thank You for making our long trip from Michigan an awesome experience!

Eddie Fosnaugh
Fosnaugh Customs, LLC.

Thank you for an outstanding training experience! I felt welcome like family from the moment I walked in. I was in awe of the clean, extremely organized, high tech, facility and the professional and friendly staff! Mike is an outstanding trainer! He was very patient and extremely persistent ensuring I was learning and accomplishing the proper techniques! Remington, Ryan and Dan all are top notch and very knowledgeable trainers. All the instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience that is priceless. I wish I had more time with all of them to learn more. Tom explained all the benefits and support I receive as a Certified Applicator. The training and knowledge I received far exceeded my expectations. I look forward to an advanced course after I have some time to hone my new skills. Really feel I have the backing of a great and successful company!

Vince Yasay

Thank you for this great opportunity. I would like to say you folks are a Class A Act. Second to none! I thought my Trainer, Ryan, was great. He was very knowledgeable and always had the answers to my questions. He did a good job and I enjoyed his training style. Mike was the same way. Those two guys have taught me more in 16 hours than anyone has taught me before, plus they built up my confidence. Again, well done!

Scott Jaeger

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone at Cerakote! The training was awesome! Everyone there did everything possible to make sure I understood everything completely and took the time to teach it the right way. The instructors put full attention to making sure I was doing it the best way possible, and explained every aspect of the business. They don't just show you how to apply Cerakote, they show you how they do everything on there end to send business to each Certified applicator after they leave the training. They answered any questions I had with an explanation and not just a simple yes or no answer. They do truly care about each and every persons success. And that alone makes a person feel great about the investment they are making to take on this new adventure. They told me multiple times, if I ever have any questions after i leave to call or email and they will help out. Would no doubt recommend this training to anyone. I would like to thank each and every person at Cerakote for the commitment they put in their job and made it the best experience possible. I look forward to doing business with you! Thank you.

Ethan Fonder

Thank you for your hospitality, I really enjoyed and learned a lot by coming out and taking the class. Please thank everybody for all their input into helping us achieve our goals towards our new business. I look forward to working with you and everybody at NIC Industries and to forming a long lasting working relationship.

Mike Follett

I recently tried your clear Cerakote on High Carbon Damascus as a protective coating from rust. I was amazed. It not only protected the steel it also gave a beautiful finish to the blade. Great product, thanks.

Thomas Rucker

WOW! We are way impressed with how well the parts you did came out. I received the shipment today and am getting the parts testing, I will keep you in the loop with our results. Thanks so much for everything as well as the shirt. I will sport it proudly.

J.T. Felt
R&D Composite Tech.
Hoyt Archery

First, I want to thank you and your staff for the training that I received last Thursday and Friday! It far exceeded my expectations. Everyone was very helpful and always willing to help and answer all my questions. I was very impressed with how helpful you were and the fact that you and NIC were willing to assist with getting my business up and running. For that, Thank You! I truly look forward to working with you and NIC in the future.

David Henley
RDR Firearms

We had a great experience this week at your shop. It is very obvious how your company is so successful. Your people are top notch and you take care of each other. I have grown accustom to working with people of superior work ethic and uncommon drive. NIC / Cerakote will be an awesome company to work with. I was very impressed with your professionalism and dedication to the business. You guys put your money where your mouth is, especially in the testing. That makes it much easier for us to sell the product. As a new salesman, I try to make it a rule to only sell products that will sell themselves. Cerakote will sell itself. With the support you guys are giving us and the superior product you put out, success is pretty much a given. I look forward to representing Cerakote not only as Kodiak Koating Inc, but as a pro shooter in the pistol and 3 Gun arena.

Aaron Reed
Kodiak Koating, Inc.

JoeWorx Inc. was started as a side business because I have always had a love for vintage firearms and enjoyed working on them. I searched extensively for a product that would set my company apart from the rest of the herd and found it in CerakoteTM. The problem I have now is for every firearm I have refinished I have gained what seems like two more customers. People notice the custom finishes of the firearms I coated and my customers are more than happy to refer them to me. I no this sounds crazy but This was supposed to be a "side" business and the NIC products have turned it into a very lucrative "small" business. Honestly I am not the best in the business but I have two things that put me above my competition. 1) JoeWorx Inc. is a "side business" created solely to do what I love to do in my spare time. What this means is I don't have to rush through a stack of guns to pay my power Bill, mortgage or clothe my kids, I can treat every firearm that comes across my bench as if it where my own and if it takes 8 hours to do 1 hour worth of work the right way I can and will do it. 2) CerakoteTM, This product sells it self! I have never had a customer that was not more than happy with the finish or that has not refereed me to at least one other person and more times than not multiple customer come from one CerakoteTM Application. I have used the other coatings and worked with one of the worlds best platers who by the way offers CerakoteTM there is no substitute for this product. A normal side effect of a freshly coated/plated firearm is a failure to feed some were in the first 50-100 rounds, I have never had a report of this "break-in" period causing a failure to feed or eject. I no longer explain to customers that this may happen until they "break-in" the finish. So if you don't want to be bothered by those irritating customers that ask a thousand and one questions use another coating solution! The NIC folks are great to deal with and have gone above and beyond for me without hesitation. To everyone at NIC Industries Thank you for everything

Joe Ouellette
JoeWorx Inc.

At Falcon Gun Finishing refinishing firearms is solely what we do, therefore we use and have tried many different coatings. We have found the NIC Industries Cerakote to be most durable and abrasive resistant and highly recommend it to our customers that require or want utmost in protection and durability.

Jeff Sternad
Falcon Gun Finishing

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the 'Outrageous Air Racing Team' along with the 'Butch Milani Skunk Werks' and engine components coated by your awesome company allowed me to qualify at 250+mph (2nd fastest qualifier Reno 2004) and finish in 2nd place of the "Gold' category of Formula One Air racing, September 2004... The world's fastest four cylinder motor sport!

Thank you so very much for your belief in me and sponsorship in our engine coatings. Without question, your #1 quality high performance engine coatings were a major factor in my engine performance and overall placing.

Thermo Dyne Rocks!
Scotty Crandlemir
Pilot/Owner - Outrageous

M16 Clinic is now using your Cerakote products with terrific results. Offering this additional product should increase M16 Clinics revenues significantly. Thank you for a great product. I also wish to compliment you on your staff. Brandon Grady, Account & Training Manager; and Mark Brouillard, Lab Manager has been invaluable to me. Brandon is one of the best sales reps with whom I work. His follow through on calls and orders placed is meticulous and much welcomed. His knowledge of your products is impressive. Mark Brouillard helped me along my product learning curve. Mark distilled into succinct terms, everything I needed to know about applications and results using Cerakote. Most importantly, each gentleman exhibited the utmost in professional carriage and customer communications. Polished and patient. Great service from both of them.

Greg Leaf
National Tactical Officers Association

I recently visited your facility and met with 3 outstanding employees you have on staff! I have been in the outdoor industry for over 40 years and have seen and toured and dealt with various companies over the years. I have been involved in product design and development for 30 of those years and have seen lots of factories and met many different folks in this industry. After meeting with your team of Daniel, John and Tom, I was struck by what an outstanding job all of them did, but also I was blown away by the facility and all of the folks I met. I know you are still finishing up, but wow…..what a place, and what a crew. This is a reflection on leadership and vision…….well done.

If everything tests correctly, I see us investing in the equipment to do custom coating in house, plus I plan on lining you guys up with a much larger account that supplies us aluminum products. They would jump on the robotic equipment I'm sure!

I'm not easily impressed, but you guys have this figured out from where I sit. Great job by all involved. More to come!

Mike Thorson
VP engineering / Sales manager
Batson Enterprises, Inc.

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for making my training a truly enjoyable experience. It is apparent to me that you are able to create such world class coatings because of your state of the art facilities and the commitment that your staff has for delivering excellence. Your business model and philosophy, which is geared towards the applicator, is refreshing and I look forward to working with all of you in the future and are continued growth and success.

Mark A. Rydzy
Pauway Corp.

We love Cerakote and so do our customers! Cerakote provides the perfect look and toughness for our all-new OTTOLOCK, a lightweight portable gear lock designed for outdoor enthusiasts. We added Cerakote into our V2 production this past fall and it is a vast improvement over our prior finish.

Jake VanderZanden
OTTO DesignWorks

(At first) we were hesitant to bring your product into our facility and offer it because everyone claims to have the strongest and best materials. After we repeatedly hit the completed test parts with a hammer, bent it in a vise at over 90 degrees and laser etched through it, we are sold and now offer this custom option in our line. We use H-Series Cerakote and swear by it's durability.

Barry Nelson
CEO of Wisconsin Hydrographics

You guys were great. I learned a lot and you and definitely persuaded me to use your product exclusively.

Dr. Carl Ball
Locked and Loaded Arms, Inc.

Thanks for the great experience and the knowledge. The trainers and staff where very nice and helpful. looking forward for all the future business our companies will bring each other. Thank you guys for everything!

Chad Wagner
Wagners GunTech

Cerakote is a true 21st century finish for both tactical and sporting purposes. It provides superior protection against corrosion than either bluing or Parkerizing and is available in a vast array of colors as well. No other finish currently available offers such a desirable combination.

Chuck Taylor

We wanted to personally express our thanks for the wonderful experience we had while training. Daniel was superb at his job. Very personable and easy to work with. His guidance and techniques has help us deliver a better Cerakote product to our clients. Thank you again for your excellent work!

John Peterman
Midwest Cerakote

I just returned from training at the NIC factory. This company and it's crew are friendly and very knowledgeable. Not only did I learn so much to help my company grow. I learned valuable methods to save money, apply materials and overall be more efficient with my process. All of this while completely enjoying myself and making friends along the way. A huge thank you to the staff of NIC and a special thanks to my instructors.

Derek Schaffer
Owner, A.C.E. Custom Coatings

Just wanted to reach out and thank everyone for the professionalism and hospitality. We were all extremely impressed with the entire NIC staff as well as the new tips, tricks and spray techniques learned and we'll be instituting everything we've learned to make sure we're constantly building, improving and putting out the best possible Cerakote finish to our customers. I can't say enough good things about the training experience.

Trevor King
Shoreline Coatings

Just wanted to let you know my thoughts about Mon. and Tues. You and your crew operate a first class business! Everything I saw was top notch and only reaffirmed my belief that I'm working with the best in the industry. Thank you for the "welcome" feeling and hospitality everyone extended to me.

Mark Wood

Just wanted to drop you a note and convey my appreciation for the excellent training. All of your staff is top notch and extremely knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the experience and learned a tremendous amount about the application and uses for this product. I'm sure the relationships we are forming will prove to be very fruitful for both of us.

Wayne Borowsky
Scorpion H.P.C.

I would like to reiterate my thanks to you for your patience and to the rest of the NIC staff for their professionalism and hospitality. Since my arrival there, I was always made to felt welcome and never once was I treated as an outsider. Although this may sound inconsequential, I have taken many of different classes throughout the U.S. and no other company nor set of staff and instructor(s) provided the level of acceptance that I received there. The facility was fantastic and the training was outstanding. NIC Industries is truly a company of professionals.

Dan Lowyns
Modern Paladin

I want to sincerely thank you for your training program and allowing me to attend. It was one of the greatest experiences I have had the pleasure of attending. Your hospitality and the patience of your staff were second to none. Everyone just simply made me feel so comfortable, that I really didn't want to leave. My wife loves to go to Disney for two or three days, but I would prefer to go to NIC industries to just soak up more information and enjoy the camaraderie of your staff. It is clearly evident that they all enjoy their work and are extremely loyal to the brand.

Kindest Regards,

Frank Paolini
Cerakote B.C.

First of all I would like to say, I am not much of an email sending person when not prompted to do so, however, I feel compelled to do so in this case. I must first thank you for your hospitality as it was second to none. Second, the information presented to me was more than I could have ever expected. Your staff is first class and well-armed with knowledge. Ernie and Ikaika were phenomenal and presented the information like they have been doing this forever, and are both natural instructors. The information I received will go a long ways in developing and growing my business and I appreciate every aspect. When my company grows to a significant size I hope I can model it with the same frame work you guys have put together as I can see NIC industries is a great place to work, and employees great people that make it work. Your marketing presentation is superb and I have already taken measures to start implementing several aspects into my business plan and advertising arsenal. With my deepest appreciation, I thank you.

Ed W.
Houston, TX

I have tried and am using Cerakote; first tried it on my customer's shotgun barrel and he went skeet shooting with it. He was very satisfied with it, and I too, was very pleased with its protective capabilities. I also have comparison tests with KG gunkote (flat black since it is most durable) and Duracoat. I coated aluminum cubes for each product, baked/dried it and scraped the corners. Most milspec are strong enough on surfaces, but usually not as much on corners, especially 90 degrees or more. Well, I was amazed, Cerakote did not wear off scraping the corners with my house keys. Others unfortunately, did. That alone told me quite a bit about the difference with other products. I am very glad I purchased trials samples, and will be ordering more for sure.

Tosh Suzuki

I have tried and am using Cerakote; first tried it on my customer's shotgun barrel and he went skeet shooting with it. He was very satisfied with it, and I too, was very pleased with its protective capabilities. I also have comparison tests with KG gunkote (flat black since it is most durable) and Duracoat. I coated aluminum cubes for each product, baked/dried it and scraped the corners. Most milspec are strong enough on surfaces, but usually not as much on corners, especially 90 degrees or more. Well, I was amazed, Cerakote did not wear off scraping the corners with my house keys. Others unfortunately, did. That alone told me quite a bit about the difference with other products. I am very glad I purchased trials samples, and will be ordering more for sure.

Eric Stam
Frontier Guns

Cerakote is holding up very well and I am very satisfied with it.The same areas that had wear after the first 50 rounds have the same amount of wear after 600 rounds! The inside of the magwell is showing some dings but the Cerakote is staying on. I also used Cerakote in the lined Safariland holster so it does not have to rub against plastic.

Tom Flyntz

Cerakote is our top of the line coating. If you want the very best coating available look no further. Cerakote was developed by NIC Industries, Inc. Cerakote was designed to provide a high quality, long lasting finish, with high corrosion protection and durability. Cerakote is available in two compounds "C" series which is an ambient cure coating & "H" series which is a thermal cure coating. Unlike Teflon based gun coatings the "C" & "H" series of Cerakote offer unparalleled levels of hardness and abrasion resistance because of their unique ceramic backbone.

Cerakote is available in 31 standard colors. It provides excellent corrosion protection, outstanding abrasion resistance, extreme hardness, & unmatched durability. Cerakote surpasses Teflon based coatings for wear resistance by well over 60%. Cerakote has self lubricating elements incorporated through out the coatings matrix, this allow firearms to function with little or no fluid lubricants that typically attract abrasive dust particles. Cerakote performs extremely well in automatics with high cyclic rates.

The "C" series ceramic gun coatings were designed as a single component ambient cure system. As higher temperatures are reached the "C" series will flux, becoming harder and more abrasion resistant. After a full cure this coating provides excellent resistance to most cleaning solvents and chemicals. It has a pencil scratch hardness (ASTM D3363) of 7h, exceeded the 5% salt spray test (ASTM B117) with well over 550 hrs, an adhesion cross cut tape (ASTM D3359) of 5B, & has an optimal film thickness of 0.5 to 1.0 mils. It has a heat stability rating in excess of 1200 degrees f for extended periods without failing.

The "H" series was designed as a two part thermal cure system. It provides a very high quality, long lasting finish with high corrosion resistance. It offers unparalleled levels of abrasion resistance and hardness because of the two part component system. The "H" series has a viscosity #2 Zahn cup of 13.0 sec, an optimal film thickness of 0.5 to 1.0 mils, passes the 5% salt spray test (ASTM B117) in excess of 2,500 hrs, has a pencil scratch hardness (ASTM D3363) of 7h, the adhesion cross cut tape (ASTM D3359 of 5B, and heat stability of 525 degrees f for extended periods without failing

L.T.M Refinishing L.L.C.
1300 South Butler
Harrisonville, MO 64701
Hours of Operation: By appointment only.
Phone: (913) 238-3429
Email: info@larsontactical.com

Thanks so much for everything! We are all incredibly impressed with your product and we cannot wait to start coating customer guns. When Rich saw my pistol he was shocked that I was already wearing it! As he looked it over, his comments were, "I've been in this business for thirty years and very little impresses me anymore. But this stuff is amazing. I am blown away at how great this stuff is!" Matt & Ikaika were great. They couldn't have been more professional in their conduct and the way they overcame all the various obstacles that popped up. We have decided to Cerakote more of our TV projects. We have some cannon barrels that we want to coat. Thanks again from everyone here at Gunsmoke!

Jon - Gunsmoke
American Guns

I have been using Molyresin on my pistols for a long time with good results. After having applied your Cerakote to about a dozen pistols now I find it to be a much more durable finish. From now on it is going to be the standard finish for my pistols. I am also going to add a link to my website to a page that will offer refinishing with Cerakote on customers pistols. Thanks for the great product.

Gordon Fallick
BigBore Custom
Phoenix, AZ

Wow! What a weekend! I am even more impressed with Cerakote now that I have seen how you not only treat your customers but how you conduct business and look into the future for what is to come. I look forward to a long and close relationship with Cerakote and having the tools you presented to me I feel even more confident of my success as well.

First of all, you have been one of the most professional people I have had the pleasure of dealing with in a very long time. Everyone there at NIC was gracious, polite and professional to the upmost degree while still maintaining a personal manner to make me feel at ease.

Now to the trainers... They all blew me away with the amount of knowledge and creativity they possess. They made the class fun and interesting and answered all my questions while still keeping me focused and on point. Gage was very mature and knowledgeable even for a man as young as he looked. Austin, Moose and Zack all have my upmost respect and admiration. I look forward to picking all of their brains in the weeks, months and years to come.

Last but not least I would like to give a huge amount of praise and thanks to Andrew. He was patient, positive and most of all realistic with his approach to teaching an old man like me. I don't know if his balance between being in the Special Forces then teaching teenagers in school that makes him both accessible and patient but he was the perfect instructor to start me off with my hands on training in the certification course. I feel that we could have had a whole week together working on different techniques, and I would have gladly paid for it. But I know time is precious and we all need to get back to work at some point.

As I said at the end of my class. You can go ahead and book me for next year. I will make it an annual pilgrimage to come up there to expand my training. I know this will be a career long relationship and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of something so much bigger than me and my own company. You have made a true believer in your company out of me and with my passion and your company's products I look to the rest of my working life with excitement to see how far your products go.

Raymond Luna
RL Gunworks

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