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Performance Ceramic Coatings for Aerospace and UAVs

Performance Ceramic Coatings for Space and Aerospace

CERAKOTE® is currently being used on everything from Aircraft Interiors to Propulsion Systems.

Cerakote is the global leader in the manufacturing of inorganic thin film ceramic polymer hybrid coating technology.

  • Can be applied to multiple substrates – Applies to ferrous and non-ferrous metals, alloys, polymers, composites and more.
  • Is a single layer coating system – Replaces multi-layer paint and powder coating systems.
  • Is a thin film ceramic coating that applies at only 0.25 – 2.0 mils, allowing for ultra-light weight coverage and protection.
  • Has superior chemical resistance – Resistant to hydraulic fluids, fuels, solvents, acids, de-icing products, commercial strength disinfectants and more.
  • UV stability – Protects substrates from oxidation and degradation.
  • Is highly abrasion resistant – Withstands impact, scratch and gouging better than other coating systems.
  • Offers high temperature coatings - Corrosion protection coatings that withstand up to 1,800˚F without spalling, cracking, or flaking.
  • Has coatings that provide thermal barrier and heat dissipation.
  • Offers alternatives for plating and pretreatments - Replaces anodizing, nickel plating, and the need for primers.
  • Products are VOC compliant in all 50 states and are REACH/RoHS compliant.
  • Has outstanding customer support including dedicated account managers.

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Improve Heat Resistance of Composite Engine

Image: "Anduril uses Cerakote on their drone systems for the protective properties (extreme corrosion and chemical resistance, unmatched durability) that our ultra-light weight ceramic based coatings are famous for."

Cerakote is a performance coating known for its high-quality look, feel, and durability. Our inorganic formulations allow for maximum durability, excellent UV stability, extreme chemical resistance, and consistency across multiple substrates. We work with our customers around the world on customized solutions to solve industry problems and help them provide new marketable products.

    In addition, our customers choose Cerakote for:
  • Consistency of quality and product
  • The ability to refurbish parts
  • Large color variety
  • Custom coating formulations
  • Readily available and manufactured in the USA
    Applications include:
  • Aerostructures
  • Cabin/Interiors
  • Exteriors – latches, locks, window frames, leading edge components
  • Flight deck surfaces
  • Electronics
  • Hardware/Fasteners

Duncan Aviation transformed this G550 in Cerakote

Interior refurbishment and avionics upgrades completed by Duncan Aviation transformed this G550. Their finish shop came up with a creative solution to achieve a “plated” finish on the cabin handrails. They sanded the existing rails down to bare aluminum and applied a transparent Cerakote finish to match the clear-coating on the cabin plating.

TAC Aero Bush Plane Shocks in Cerakote

It is recommended that the epoxy seal coat in the current coating system be replaced by Cerakote to alleviate and remove the delamination and burning in the inner skin of the engine cowling when the aircraft is hovering. Moreover, the recommended Cerakote C-7700 Q can be used to paint on current engine cowlings to improve their heat resistance. Cerakote has long been used in automotive industries to provide a thermal barrier for exhaust systems to reduce the engine compartment temperature, the results obtained from this study for the first time suggest its applicability in aircraft.

This article is based on SAE International technical paper, "Improve Heat Resistance of Composite Engine Cowlings Using Ceramic Coating Materials, Experimental Design and Testing," by Yucheng Liu and Ge He, Mississippi State University, and Thomas Sippel, Airbus Helicopter Inc., doi:10.4271/2017-01-2130.

How do I get started with Cerakote?

Engineers and manufacturers, please contact us to discuss a complimentary demonstration of Cerakote on your fixtures. Cerakote is available in over 85 countries and can be economically integrated into your current finishing process or outsourced to one of our factory trained Certified Applicators around the world. More manufacturers choose Cerakote than any other ceramic finish.

Please contact our Account Manager at aerospace@cerakote.com or 866-774-7628

TAC Aero Bush Plane Shocks in Cerakote

Image: "TAC Aero Bush Plane Shocks in Cerakote."

Brands that Trust Cerakote

Aerospace Brands that Trust Cerakote

Extend the protection of your performance products. FINISH STRONG with Cerakote today!

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